Black Car Limousine Etiquette Tips You Should Know

Black Car Limousine Etiquette Tips You Should Know

  • Post published:04/16/2019

Hiring limousine services is an experience like no other. You can to ride around in style and forget most of your responsibilities while being transported from place to place. There are some things you should not forget, however, and here are some of them.

Head count

When you book the limo service, you should tell the company how many people are going to be riding in the limo. This way, the company can make sure they provide the ride that is the most accommodating and safe for your group. If the head count changes for any reason, you must notify the company so they can make the proper adjustments.

Know how to get in and out

This may sound silly, but a lot of last-minute disasters can occur if you don’t know how to properly get in and out of the limousine. The driver will open the door for you. When you enter, you should sit down on the very first empty seat, swing your legs in, and then scoot down. Let the driver close the door behind you. When you exit, the driver will come and open the door. Then, scoot back down to the further curbside seat, swing your legs out, and stand up.

Keep it clean

As you should when you go anywhere, you should leave the limo exactly how you found it. That means you should not leave anything behind, including bottles, food wrappers, or any personal items. You should treat the limo as if it is your own vehicle. The limousine chauffeur will appreciate it very much, and then you won’t risk being hit with a cleaning fee.

Tip your limousine chauffeur

The chauffeur driver took you on an exciting ride for whatever occasion you planned, and he or she deserves a tip. Roughly 15% to 20% is customary to tip on top of what you paid for the service. If you receive exceptional service, you may even wish to tip more.

Between 2009 and 2014, the taxi and limo industry in the United States grew approximately 3.2% every year. This means more and more people are riding in limos, and it’s important that they have the proper etiquette while doing so. The limo company and limo chauffeur will appreciate it, and you will have a better time.

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